WENRA Safety Reference Levels for Existing Reactors Revision 2020

WENRA Safety Reference Levels for Existing Reactors Revision 2020 CoverWENRA is committed to continuous improvement of nuclear safety. To this end WENRA is committed to regularly revising the SRLs when new knowledge and experience are available. The last revision, in 2014, was after the TEPCO Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear accident to take into account the lessons learned, including the insight from the EU stress tests.

Now a new set of SRL is ready for publication. The SRL 2020 revision addresses issues not revised in the 2014 revision. Review against changes in knowledge, international standards and other factors have identified the need to introduce the notion of leadership into Issue C (Leadership and Management for Safety) and obsolescence into Issue I (Ageing Management), which also addresses the outcome of the recent ENSREG Topical Peer Review on the topic. There was also a need to complete the hazards to be addressed in the safety demonstration. To achieve this Issue S (Protection against Internal Fires) has been extended to cover all internal hazards (Issue SV), and Issue T (Natural Hazards) has been extended to address all external hazards (Issue TU).  All other issues remain unchanged from the previous version.

By issuing the revised SRL 2020 WENRA aims at further convergence of national requirements and safety improvements at NPPs in WENRA member countries, as necessary.

WENRA member countries remain committed to implement the SRLs in national regulations. This will be reviewed as part of the SRL benchmarking.

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WENRA Safety Reference Level for Existing Reactors 2020

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