WENRA Statement regarding the new set of Safety Reference Levels for existing research reactors

WENRA Statement CoverThere is a significant number of Research Reactors in operation in WENRA countries. Up to now, these facilities had not been subject to an harmonization process in terms of safety.

To fill this gap, WENRA started in 2017 developing a new set of SRLs for research reactors (RR), which is now ready for publication. It addresses generally the same Issues as for NPPs. The starting point was the set of SRLs for NPPs as published in 2014. This was adapted for application to RR and then completed with the specific Issue X (Experiments). The latest insights in the areas of safety management (see Issue C - Leadership and Management for Safety) and ageing management (see Issue I - Ageing Management) were included. Issue I also addresses the outcome of the recent ENSREG Topical Peer Review on the topic.

By issuing the SRLs for RR, WENRA aims at further convergence of national requirements and safety improvements at RRs in WENRA member countries, as necessary.

WENRA member countries remain committed to implement the SRLs in national regulations.   This will be reviewed as part of the SRL benchmarking.

WENRA strives for openness and keeps all interested parties informed of the progress made in this work.

Download the Safety Reference Levels