WENRA’s Chair meets with ENISS representatives

In the framework of his regular meetings with key WENRA stakeholders, the WENRA’s Chair, Olivier Gupta met with ENISS representatives1.

During this meeting, held in Paris on 8 September 2021, several topics of mutual interest were discussed.

Considering the growing interest of many countries worldwide and international organisations for SMRs, technical discussions at the WENRA and ENISS working groups level have taken place in recent months. The meeting was an opportunity to report on the outcomes of these discussions. WENRA and ENISS acknowledged the benefit of these recent exchanges and confirmed the value to continue mutual information sharing and interactions on this issue.

Another topic of mutual interest discussed at the meeting was the Topical Peer Review (TPR), exercise conducted under the auspices of ENSREG, and which will focus, in 2023, on “fire protection”. WENRA reminded its role in the process, in particular regarding the drafting of the technical specifications (TS). WENRA confirmed that ENISS will be consulted on the draft TS, when a sufficient mature draft TS will be elaborated. The importance that licensees understand what they will be required in the frame of the TPR was highlighted.

The two organisations recognised also the need to keep mutually informed, in an early stage, when a consultation is planned. The process to be implemented in such cases was discussed and clarified.
As a conclusion, WENRA and ENISS have highlighted the importance to maintain their relationships and keep each other aware of their respective activities by meeting on a yearly basis at chairs’ level in addition to regular experts’ technical meetings.

1 ENISS was represented by Roger Lundmark (Switzerland), its Chair, Manuel Carrasco (France), ENISS Steering committee member and EUR Chairman, and William Ranval (France), its Director. On WENRA side, Olivier Gupta was supported by Luc Chanial (France), his advisor, Gisela Stoppa (Germany) and Stéphanie Peiro (France), respectively Chair and vice-Chair of the RHWG, and Marie-Lorraine Alberico (France), acting head of the WENRA technical secretariat.