Ukraine new WENRA member

The members of WENRA have agreed to accept Sergiy Bozhko, Chair of the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine SNRC, as a new WENRA member with immediate effect. The Terms of Reference were signed during the WENRA spring plenary session held in Geneva. 

"Since they joined WENRA as an observer in 2009, Ukraine has contributed to the work of the WENRA and its working groups RHWG and WGWD in a constructive and cooperative manner. Ukraine have proved able and willing to comply with WENRA safety reference levels and technical criteria for the safe operation of its nuclear power plants," says WENRA chair Hans Wanner.  "It is therefore with great pleasure that we today can announce the inclusion of Ukraine as a new WENRA member." 

“I would like to thank all members of the association for this positive decision,” says SNRC Chairman Bozhko. “Especially in difficult times like these, WENRA's decision to include Ukraine as a member is a strong and valuable sign of support for our work. WENRA is the key actor in developing unified reference levels in the EU in the field of nuclear safety regulation and we will support all decisions and will implement all measures in the framework of WENRA activity.”

For more information, see also the SNRC website. 

Ukraine new WENRA member
Sergiy Bozhko (left) and Hans Wanner (right)  (@WENRA)