Technical Secretariat: Stéphane Pailler takes over

Technical Secretariat: Stéphane Pailler takes over
Stéphane Pailler (left) takes over from Dieter Müller-Ecker (right)(© WENRA)

Technical Secretariat: Stéphane Pailler takes over
Hans Wanner (left) thanking Dieter Müller-Ecker (right)(© WENRA)

Stéphane Pailler is the new Head of WENRA's technical secretariat. He is replacing Dieter Müller-Ecker who is going into retirement.

Mr Pailler, head of the department of International Relations at the French nuclear safety regulator ASN, will take up the post at the end of November, 2014.

“On behalf of the WENRA members I thank Mr Müller-Ecker for his dedicated work for WENRA both as head of the WENRA Technical Secretariat and as a member of the reactor harmonization working group. I wish him all the best for his well-deserved retirement” says WENRA Chair Hans Wanner.

“I welcome Mr Pailler to his new post and I am looking forward to a fruitful cooperation with him as the new Head of the Technical Secretariat”.

The WENRA Technical Secretariat supports the WENRA chair and bureau in strategic, administrative and organisational issues and is responsible for WENRA’s administrative functions. The head of the Technical Secretariat may also represent WENRA in international meetings and working groups.