WENRA Celebrating 15 Years of Nuclear Safety Harmonization in Europe

Celebrating 15 years of activities in the field of improving nuclear safety, WENRA held a side event during the 58th IAEA General Conference on 24 September 2014 at IAEA headquarters in Vienna.

At the side event WENRA Chairman Hans Wanner presented WENRA’s achievements in the harmonisation of nuclear safety in Europe from 1999 until today.

In particular WENRA’s updated safety reference levels were presented, taking into account the lessons learnt from the Fukushima Daiichi accident.

Further, WENRA’s work in successfully elaborating common safety reference levels for existing nuclear power plants as well as safety objectives for new nuclear power plants in Europe were highlighted together with the publication of various up-to-date reports in the field of waste and decommissioning. The presentation was followed by a lively panel discussion and questions from the audience.  

WENRA Side Event IAEA General Conference 2014
WENRA Side Event IAEA General Conference 2014  (© WENRA)