WENRA Autumn Meeting Kiev 2013

The WENRA Autumn Plenary Meeting 2013 took place in the Ukrainian capital Kiev from November 13 to 14. It was the first time that a WENRA meeting was hosted by one of the countries with observer status. Altogether 45 participants from 17 WENRA member states and six observers took part in the meeting.

Highlights of the programme of the meeting were the further debate on the new strategy of WENRA, a discussion of the upcoming review conference of the Convention on Nuclear Safety (CNS) and the approval of the activities of the Working Groups.

WENRA members extensively discussed the future strategy of WENRA to enhance its visibility as an independent group of the heads of national nuclear regulatory authorities in Europe and as knowledge centre for nuclear safety.

In line with its policy, WENRA strongly supports the activities of the “CNS Working Group on Effectiveness and Transparency” and its efforts to enhance the effectiveness of the CNS review meetings. WENRA selected some important actions and will bring its own proposals supported by the member states into the 6th Review Meeting, taking place in spring 2014.

With regard to the working groups, WENRA approved the major update of the Safety Reference Levels under consideration of the lessons learned from the Fukushima Dai-ichi accident. The updated Safety Reference Levels will be put on the WENRA website in due time for commenting through the stakeholders. A related report explains the updating process and the main changes in the Safety Reference Levels. Due to its policy of self-commitment, WENRA member states will consider the changes in WENRA’s regulations.

Hans Wanner, the chairman of WENRA, closed the successful meeting, mentioning that WENRA is on an ambitious way into the future.