WENRA Spring Plenary Meeting 2016
WENRA will provide guidelines on the “timely implementation of reasonably practicable safety improvements to existing nuclear power plants” of the revised EU safety directive. The decision to establish an ad-hoc working-group to elaborate these guidelines is one of the important issues dealt with during the WENRA spring plenary meeting 2016.

The meeting was held on 13 - 14 April 2016 in Vienna, Austria. During the meeting, the heads of the European nuclear safety authorities discussed issues of mutual interest regarding nuclear safety in Europe.

As is common practice, the two permanent working groups of WENRA on waste and decommissioning WGWD  and on reactor harmonization RHWG reported on their recent activities.

WGWD reported on the development of the various reports regarding waste management activities.

The Chair of RHWG reported on the progress in developing hazard specific guidance documents and on the implementation of the 2014 Safety Reference Levels in the member countries. Furthermore, the latest developments in the technical specification on ageing management for the first European topical peer review were presented.

The participants of the WENRA meeting also visited the IAEA International Emergency Centre, the world’s centre for coordination of international assistance in emergency preparedness and response.

Furthermore, Ms. Gisela Stoppa from the German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety will be replacing Mr. Stéphane Pailler from the French Nuclear Safety Authority as Head of the WENRA Technical Secretariat.

The WENRA Technical Secretariat supports the WENRA Chair and Vice Chairs in strategic, administrative and organisational issues and is responsible for WENRA’s administrative functions. The head of the Technical Secretariat may also represent WENRA in international meetings and working groups.

The WENRA autumn plenary meeting will take place in October 2016 in Rome, Italy.