WENRA Position Paper on IAEA Nuclear Safety Strategy

In view of the conclusion of the work of the IAEA Action Plan on nuclear safety, several member states asked the IAEA to continue its work by elaborating a nuclear safety strategy.

Hence, paragraph 4 in the 2016 IAEA General Conference nuclear safety resolution (GC(60)/RES/9) asked the Agency to continue to build upon the IAEA Action Plan on Nuclear Safety, the IAEA Report on the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident, and the principles enshrined in the Vienna Declaration on Nuclear Safety and use them to define a nuclear safety strategy.

In an effort to support the drafting of the nuclear safety strategy, WENRA presented the Agency with a position paper with suggestions of relevant issues to include in the strategy.

The IAEA followed up on paragraph 4 by including some strategic elements in a first draft of its Nuclear Safety Review 2017. WENRA noted with appreciation that many of the suggested items had been integrated in the nuclear safety review and looks forward to the further development of the nuclear safety strategy since this is considered an important tool in further streamlining and improving global nuclear safety. 


WENRA Position Paper on IAEA Nuclear Safety Strategy